Us Girls
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Lifestyle magazine show


multi-camera setup

Picture Format

480i SDTV


see hosts

Created by

Studio 23

Developer by

Agrix Television Inc



Original channel

Studio 23 (2006-2012)

Original run

May 2006-May 26, 2012
(As Us Girls)

Us Girls is a weekly lifestyle show in the Philippines hosted by, Iya Villania, Cheska Garcia, and Angel Aquino, which airs Every Thursday nights on Studio 23.[1]

Us girls 2006

Us Girls Beginning In 2006

Launch as Us Girls (2006-2012)Edit


The Launch to Us Girls with Iya Villania, Cheska Garcia and Angel Aquino logo 2006.

Us Girls, premiered on May 2006 at 9:30 pm.

In May 2006 Iya Villania Cheska Garcia and Angel Aquino. Us Girls It is the lifestyle show on Studio 23. we program hot fashion beauty and fitness

After 6 years on air, ABS-CBN decided to cancel it for unknown reason.[2]

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