Ultrasonic Broadcasting System

Ultrasonic Broadcasting System, Inc. (UBSI) is the radio network based in [[Pasig City]], Philippines. UBSI is owned by the SYSU Group of Companies, a family-owned conglomerate that distributes imported food products in the country.

It was founded by in 1991 with the launch of K-LOVE 1494. In 1996, Energy FM, UBSI's FM radio network, was launched first in Davao.

UBSI radio stations Edit

  • 88.3 Energy FM (Davao)
  • 90.3 Energy FM (Dagupan)
  • 93.5 Energy FM (General Santos)
  • 93.7 Energy FM (Dumaguete)
  • 94.7 Energy FM (Cebu)
  • 95.1 Energy FM (Tagum)
  • 98.3 Energy FM (Pagadian)
  • 99.5 Energy FM (Zamboanga)
  • 99.9 Energy FM (Lucena)
  • 100.7 Energy FM (Cotabato)
  • 103.3 Energy FM (Kalibo)
  • 103.7 Energy FM (Dipolog)
  • 103.9 Energy FM (Cagayan de Oro)
  • 106.3 Energy FM (Naga)
  • 106.7 Energy FM (Manila)

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