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The English Nationwide is a defunct lifestyle show of ABS-CBN From January 6, 1963 to September 17, 1972 then to RPN-9 (From February 11, 1973 to December 25, 1989)


The English Nationwide premiered on January 6, 1963 on DZXL-TV Channel 9 Every Sunday 9:30 pm hosted by Mike Lacanilao and Gloria Romeo It,s aired on Pangarap Kong Jackpot on Channel 3

in 1967 the lifestyle and fashion by Bert Marcelo and Pilar Pilapil

The English Nationwide the returned to RPN premiered on February 11, 1973 Every Sunday 11:00 pm hosted by Jose Mari Velez Helen Vela and Rex Cortez its, aired on Us Girls on RPN

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