Rey PJ Abellana
Rey pj Abellana


Rey PJ Abellana
March 21, 1951 (age 61)

Rey PJ Abellana (born on March 21, 1951) is a Filipino actor The "PJ" which is now used as his comes from the character he played in the 1980 TV series Anna Liza

Early lifeEdit

Abellana he was a born on March 21, 1951 in Davao City, Philippines he is the father of actress Carla Abellana

Personal lifeEdit

She married to Rea Reyes (born 1962) with 3 children Carla Abellana


in 1978 Abellana he was a anchored of Newsday on 13 with Frankie Evangelista, and The Weeknight Report with Carlito Gonzaga and Crisanta Cruz in 1980 TV series Anna Liza with Julie Vega



Title Role Network Years
The Rey Abellana Show Hosts IBC-13 1978-1980
Newsday on 13 Anchors IBC-13 1978-1980
The Weeknight Report Anchors IBC-13 1978-1983
Anna Liza PJ GMA Network 1980-1986
The 11:30 Report Anchors GMA Network 1982-1983
City 2 News Late Night Edition Anchors BBC 1983-1986
GMA Headline News Anchors GMA Network 1986-1987

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