Television broadcasting in Malaysia is provided by Malaysian government and respective private broadcasting companies. Television channels are received through analogue or digital formats since most of Malaysians TV owners subscribe to pay TV service. Malaysian government is committed to provide digital television to every household in Malaysia by end-2016.

Television channels in Malaysia are available in High-definition or HD standards through pay TV service providers. Local TV stations are able to provide HD standards feed once the digitalisation of television broadcast system is done. Some local TV channels already are broadcasting shows in HD for special occasions since 2008. The first trial broadcasts of digital TV started in 2006 by Radio Televisyen Malaysia (RTM).

List of free-to-air television stations in MalaysiaEdit

Radio Televisyen Malaysia (RTM) Edit

Name Availability Launch date Broadcasting area Broadcasting hours (UTC+08:00) Languages
TV1 Analog/Digital Template:Start date Nationwide 24/7 Malay, English
TV2 Analog/Digital Template:Start date Nationwide 24/7 Malay, English, Chinese (Mandarin and Cantonese) and Indian (Tamil and Hindustan)
TVi Digital Template:Start date Nationwide 24/7 Malay, English , Iban (Bumiputera Sarawak) and Kadazandusun (Bumiputera Sabah)

RTM Has Been Upgraded to HD in next year, Update TV Commercial will be fully translated into advertisment language.

Media Prima Edit

Name Availability Launch date Broadcasting area Broadcasting hours (UTC+08:00) Languages
TV3 Analog/Digital Template:Start date Nationwide 06:30-02:30 until 24/7 Malay, Indonesian and English
ntv7 Analog/Digital Template:Start date Nationwide 07:30-01:00 until 24/7 Malay, English and Chinese
8TV Analog/Digital Template:Start date Nationwide 07:00-01:45 until 24/7 English and Chinese
TV9 Analog/Digital Template:Start date Nationwide 06:30-00:30 until 24/7 Malay and Indonesian

Next Year Upgrade to HD, Fully Digital TV Launch and Updating TV Commercial In Malaysia.

Al Hijrah Media Corporation Edit

Name Availability Launch date Broadcasting Area Broadcasting hours (UTC+08:00) Languages
TV Al-Hijrah Analog/Digital Template:Start date Nationwide 06:00-00:00 Malay and English

Selected Pay-TV will upgrade to HD in next year.

Pay television providersEdit

  • Digital cable television

1.ABNXcess- View full channel listings.

  • Satellite television

1.Astro- View full channel listings.

2.NJOI- Free satellite TV from Astro, as launched in March 2012, is a co-operation between the government and Astro. View full channel listings.

  • IPTV

1.HyppTV- HyppTV is available for UniFi and Streamyx 4Mbit/s/8Mbit/s. View full channel listings.

2.eTV- Targeting Malaysian Chinese audiences with channels from China. View full channel listings.

Internet Video StreamingEdit

Other TV stationsEdit

Former or defunct channels and networks Edit


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