This is List of Intercontinental Broadcasting Corporation slogan

SCTV-13 slogansEdit

Branding Slogan Years
Siaran Langsung SCTV 13 The Dynamic Station 1961-1975
SCTV New Beginning 1975-1976
SCTV A New Direction 1976-1977
SCTV A New Decusion 1977-1978
SCTV Enjoy Yourself 1978-1986
SCTV Basta Pinoy sa Trese 1986-1987
T13 Life Begins at 13 1987-1989
SCTV Pusong Pinoy Pusong Trese 1989-1990
SCTV-13 The Best of Show 1990-1992
SCTV Suarabaya Intercanal 13 1992-1994

IBC-13 LogosEdit


Inter-Island 13 The Dynamitc Stations from 1961 to 1969

TV-13 1969
IBC TV-13 1974
IBC 1975
IBC 1976
IBC 1978
IBC 13 Circle 1979
IBC 13 Enjoy
IBC 1982
IBC 1985
Islands tv-13
IBC 1992
IBC 1994
IBC 1998
IBC 2002
IBC 2004

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