Intercontinental Broadcasting Corporation


Broadcast television network

Intercontinental Broadcasting Corporation (IBC) is a government-sequestered VHF TV and radio network Its studio at Broadcast City Old Balara Capitol Hills Diliman Quezon City and its transmitter is located at the Coca Cola plant, Roosevelt Ave., San Francisico Del Monte, Quezon City. It is one of two government-owned and controlled television stations.


IBC ProgramsEdit

Main article: List of programs broadcast by Intercontinental Broadcasting Corporation

IBC LogosEdit

Branding Logo Slogans Years
Inter-Islands 13 Inter-Island13 The Dynamic Station June 29, 1960-June 1969
TV-13 TV-13 1969 The TV-13 Station June 1969-1974
IBC TV-13 IBC TV-13 1974 The 70s Television 1974-January 31,1975
IBC IBC 1975 New Beginning February 1, 1975-1976
IBC IBC 1976 A New Direction 1976-1977
IBC IBC 1977 A New Decision 1977-1978
IBC IBC 1978 Enjoy Yourself 1978-1979
IBC IBC 13 Circle 1979 Enjoy Yourself 1979-1980
IBC IBC 13 Enjoy Enjoy Yourself 1980-1982
IBC IBC 1982 Enjoy Yourself 1982-1984
IBC IBC 13 1984 Enjoy Yourself 1984-1985
IBC IBC 1985 10 years 1985-1986
IBC IBC 1986 Basta Pinoy sa Trese 1986-1987
E 13 E13 Life Begins at 13 1987-1989
IBC Pusongpinoy13 Pusong Pinoy Pusong Trese 1989-1990
Islands TV-13 ISLANDS TV 13 1990-1992 The Best of Shows 1990-1992
IBC IBC 1992 Intercontinental Broadcasting Corporation October 1992-May 28, 1994
March 4, 2013-present
IBC IBC 1994 Pinoy ang Dating May 29, 1994-December 31, 2001
IBC IBC 1998 Bagong Pinoy 1998-1999
IBC IBC 2002 New Face, New Atitude January 1, 2002-December 11, 2003
IBC IBC 2004 Ang Bagong Pilipino December 12, 2003-June 4, 2011
IBC IBC13 Where the Action is! June 5, 2011-Present

IBC StationsEdit

Main article: List of channel Intercontinental Broadcasting Corporation stations

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