NTC dumped the European standard for digital television in favor of Japan’s Integrated Services Digital Broadcast (ISDB) technology as the standard for Digital Terrestrial Televisio

The Buggles - Video Killed The Radio Star03:35

The Buggles - Video Killed The Radio Star

Chidejika killed the DVB-T2!!!

n (DTT) broadcast service. But this can’t be fully implemented yet without the IRR. The NTC should first convene a TWG to craft the IRR and frequency planning for the implementation of the ISDB technology. (source: DTV Pilipinas)[1]

After you reading the news article, let's celebrate Chidejika with some image slideshows below and play Video Killed The Radio Star by The Buggles!!!

  • This is Chidejika
  • Spring of Chidejika
  • Chidejika is Walking on Sunshine!!!
  • Hot air balloon.
  • Steroidal Chidejika (I mean, a wrestler!!!)
  • Thank you, NTC tom dumped DVB-T2!!!
  • Chidejika version of Pedobear. WTF???
  • Tsuyoshi Kusanagi, replaced by Chidejika.
  • What’s wrong with being naked?!


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