Easy Rock Network
is a Radio network owned by Cebu Broadcasting Company and operated by Manila Broadcasting Company

Easy Rock stationsEdit

Branding Callsign Frequency Power (kW) Location
96.3 Easy Rock DWRK 96.3 MHz 25 kW Metro Manila
91.9 Easy Rock Baguio DZST 91.9 MHz 10 kW Baguio
95.9 Easy Rock Santiago DZIR 95.9 MHz 5 kW Santiago
92.3 Easy Rock Iloilo DYST 92.3 MHz 10 kW Iloilo
105.5 Easy Rock Bacolod DYMY 105.5 MHz 10 kW Bacolod
93.5 Easy Rock Boracay DYRK-FM 93.5 MHz 1 kW Boracay
102.7 Easy Rock Cebu DYTC 102.7 MHz 10 kW Cebu
97.9 Easy Rock Zamboanga DXCM 97.9 MHz 5 kW Zamboanga
96.9 Easy Rock Cagayan De Oro

93.3 Easy Rock Ozamiz



96.9 MHz

93.3 MHz

10 kW

10 kW

Cagayan De Oro


105.1 Easy Rock Davao DXYS 105.1 MHz 20 kW Davao
94.3 Easy Rock General Santos DXTS 94.3 MHz 10 kW General Santos

Easy Rock Network

Easy Rock Network


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