DWMS (Radyo Punch 1170)
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DWMS-AM (1170 kHz Metro Manila) Radyo Punch is an upcoming AM station owned by Audiovisual Communicators, Inc. and affiliated by 8 TriMedia Broadcasting Network in the Philippines Its a radio transmitter is located at Walang Pulo, Valenzuela City will be constucted


Prior historyEdit

On February 11, 2018 Prior to ACI acquisition, the KBP asked by the National Telecommunications Commision to reserved the AM station DZCA 1170 kHz in Metro Manila

Acquisition by ACIEdit


1170 kHz in Manila

Chito Barrieiro Vice-President of the Audiovisual Communicators, Inc. (ACI) in February 12, 2016 A month later, Nancy Binay and Jejomar Binay and head of the new AM division. Binay service as the program director for Radio Punto as its sister station Monster RX 93.1.

In an official Barriero ACI acquired station the DZCA 1170 kHz AM Band and its changed to callsign DWMS-AM was later approved by the NTC.